About Us

Shire Village is a spirited community which is created every summer by the campers, counselors, and specialists who attend. Nestled in the gentle mountains of the Berkshires, Shire Village has over forty years of history and adventure and an empowering philosophy of child-centered camping.

Specialists offer strong programs in areas such as theater, horseback riding, arts and crafts, farm and nature, and swimming. The camp has about one hundred 8-14 year olds and has a camper/staff ratio of just 3 to 1. This allows us to create a supportive environment which emphasizes our core values of cooperative play, respect for individual differences, creativity, active participation, and healthful living.

Shire Village offers young people a unique and joyful experience; many of our staff (including two of the directors) are former campers who return and stay for many summers.

We invite you to review the information on this site and, if you are interested, go to the “For Families” section. If you’re interested in a staff job at Shire Village, please go to the “For Staff Applications” section.

Shire Village Camp is a not for profit camp overseen by a Board of Directors comprising Parents and Staff.

Shire Village Camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the Cummington Board of Health. Shire Village consistently meets all requirements of the Massachusetts and Cummington Boards of Health, and is regularly inspected by and monitored by the local Fire Department, Building Inspector, and Electrical Inspector. Working to meet these local and state standards provides a framework similar to the American Camping Association standards and therefore we do not seek ACA accreditation.